Apple Search Ads (ASA) intelligent placement

ASA intelligent placement prospects

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Especially in 2020, the simplified Chinese version has been added to the ASA launching backstage; and the Chinese version has been added to its training courses and certification exams, which shows that Apple's ASA business attaches importance to the Chinese Mainland market. It's only a matter of time before the ASA layout expands to the App Store in China Mainland, let us look forward to it!

Ad fee
Advertising fee is paid according to cpt click
Conversion data
75% of users on the APP store find apps through search
Ad display
The time of ad display depends on account weight and ad metadata

ASA optimization service

Interactive advertising marketing, information streaming media cooperation and other one-stop wireless marketing
solutions maximize the value of advertisers

Optimization Team

Most of our optimizers have worked in ASA for more than 5 years and optimized hundreds of products.

Type of Butler Service

Tell us your goals and then we will do the rest for you. With the 7 days*24 hours and one-to-one service, allowing customers to experience the latest features as soon as possible, giving feedback first and providing professional ASA community.

Years of ASA+ASO
Optimization Experiences

The Partner Cloud has 8 years of APP integrated marketing experience and analysed a large amount of ASO and ASA data. The successful experiences of delivering thousands of cases will help your app.

data service

As one of the leading researchers on ASA placement and launching an agency service platform, we help many customers achieve promotion goals through our agency services.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages

No need to arrange other persons to work with us together, just provide your App ID. The tools developed by Partner Cloud can operate in batches and support simultaneous optimization in multiple countries, allowing you to get more traffic.
The Partner Cloud has developed the industry's leading smart investment tool, which can automatically create the optimal advertising structure, and can automatically group ads without manual creation; it is also a good tool that can automatically add negative words to help customers create high ROI.
The Partner Cloud provide ASA service for clients in 60 countries and regions around the world, and the delivery team has worked and lived overseas for more than 10 years.
AS a leading platform to study ASA, the Partner Cloud has launched ASA agency services. It captures hundreds of millions of keyword data every month and has optimized hundreds of app.

ASA Intelligent Delivery Tool

We have ASA intelligent investment tool, which helps you save time and get quick results, reducing your daily workload by 80%.

ASA Data Analysis Tool

The experienced ASA delivery team will customize the exclusive ASA delivery service for you, so that you can get high-quality users with the most cost-effective cost.

ASA Intelligent Data Monitoring and Analysis System

We use intelligent analysis and real-time early warning to ensure the health of your account and achieve the optimal status for your account.

ASA(Apple Search Ads)-Open to 60 Countries and Regions

The United States Taiwan Qatar Netherlands
The United Kingdom Indonesia Saudi Arabia Norway
Australia Cambodia South Africa Poland
New Zealand Malaysia United Arab Emirates Portugal
Canada Philippines Albania Romania
Mexico Singapore Austria Sweden
Switzerland Thailand Azerbaijan Ukraine
Japan Vietnam Belgium Argentina
South Korea Egypt Croatia Chile
Germany India Czech Republic Colombia
France Israel Denmark Ecuador
Italy Jordan Finland Peru
Spain Kuwait Greece Russia
Hong Kong Lebanon Hungary
Macau Oman Ireland
Pakistan Kazakhstan Stan
At 12 noon Beijing time on March 27, 2019, Apple announced the opening of ASA in 46 countries and regions. On May 2020, ASA in Russia was also officially launched. In addition to the previously opened 13 countries, ASA can be launched in 60 countries and regions around the world.

ASA Delivery Strategy

Perform keyword A/B test to find the best quality traffic
Use ASMaster tool to set up an account by one-click function, fast and efficient
Regular maintenance of the account structure to ensure healthy keyword bidding

Choose Keywords

Brand words

seize and maintain the traffic of brand words

Competitive word

choose the brand word of the competing product

Metadata words

refer to keywords, description, title, subtitle, etc.

On-voting words

You can easily get the on-voting words of competing products through the ASMaster query system. These words can be used as an expansion of our words

ASO Covered Words

Refer to the ASO thesaurus, take the keywords with high rankings and high relevance/high index for expansion. Regularly update the ASA delivery based on the ASO situation.

Other words

In addition to the above categories, new words can be added from the announcement materials of the newly launched activities in the App and the real-time hot search words of similar apps.

Target audience

Custom delivery

1. According to the gender and age of users, the keywords are split and placed, and then the high-quality users will be found.

2. Since the product is recommended by a large number of real users, the delivery plan and advertising budget will definitely be customized according to the region.

Control costs



Make a reasonable bid based on the actual situation of the product

Keyword selection

Keyword selection

refer to the release data during the test period to block low-quality keywords (such as low conversion, high cpa)

smart price adjustment & recommended bidding

smart price
& recommended bidding

ASMaster’skeyword recommendation bidding function is used as a guide, and the intelligent price adjustment function is used as an aid to quickly find the most reasonable bidding range for keywords)

Matching mode

Matching mode

select a reasonable matching mode for each keyword for delivery

Delivery plan

  • The first week: the initial accumulation of data
  • The second to third week: continuous accumulation period
  • Enter the stable release period from the 4th week
Circulate in this way to achieve stable delivery
Adobe Heiti Std R
adjust the price
Optimize cost
Accumulate data
Delivery operation
Increase the number of keywords
Adjust bid again
Optimize cost
Stable release period
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