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10 Smart Ways to Increase App Downloads/ App Installs



It's unfortunate that getting people to try your app is so difficult. There are a lot of apps out there, so convincing them to download yours can be challenging.


For many people, app downloads are a key metric for success.


There are some digital marketing tactics you're probably not using-yet they're easy and effective. For example, advertising on social media is one. You may already be doing this as a great product manager or startup founder. However, you may not know about these options...


In this post, we're going to look at some of the little-known and highly effective playbooks that have earned millions of downloads for top apps.


Here are 10 ways you can increase your mobile app downloads with in-app messages.


Whether you're looking for your hundredth user or a million, our tried and tested methods to attracting traffic should help. If you tell anyone, though, we'll just deny it. Scoot over now!



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1. Get Seen By More People With App Store Optimization


Most people discover new apps through either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


Promotion can be tricky and sometimes it's not in your control. We're always looking for new ways to spotlight our Editor's Choice. So, we decided to see what social media trends were popping up.


As important as your app is to you, the listing for it on an app store is the only thing you'll have complete control over. ASO is the process of optimizing that page so that users can find and download your app easily.


From a practical standpoint, the best way to do this is by adding relevant keywords, composing a catchy title, writing an engaging app description, and uploading eye-catching screenshots.


If you're looking to improve your mobile app downloads, it's important to know where you can make improvements. Review the listings of your biggest competitors and conduct some research on how people are likely to search for your product. You'll be able to see what works best for them and, in turn, for you.


It's important to adjust your listing when targeting a specific region. For example, not all languages have the same keywords. Websites like OneSky can help you with this.


2. App Localization

The App Store has increased in size over the years, allowing developers to reach a larger audience. However, there is a big opportunity within countries with their own app stores (China and Japan, for example). If you have an app or product intended for such markets, we offer localization options that will appeal to your new audience.


With the App Store and Google Play Store, you can reach a global audience of users. But if people can't understand your app, they're not going to download it.


Translation can take your company global, but it's not enough to simply translate your content.


Localization is about adapting your app to different languages, cultures, and locations. This process includes translation as well as content and design optimizations that can even extend to your product listing.


The localization of your app should expose your content to new audiences in different regions of the world. More importantly, these new users would be exposed to a better user experience — leading to more positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.


No matter what you do, when you're localizing content for different markets, it's best to use outside expertise. Luckily, with OneSky's user-friendly platform and access to over 1000 localization experts, we've made this process easier than ever before.


Social media is a powerful way to market your business in the modern age.


3.Take over Social Media


If you find that people are unwilling to read your blog, social media shares may prove an effective way of driving downloads.


One excellent example of a company that has mastered this is Calm. They share great content on Instagram, like soothing images and information on how to manage stress. You'll also find heartfelt videos from happy customers.


When someone clicks on a link to a Calm article, we don't know if they are looking for a meditation app. But if they like the article and come to our bio page, they might download it anyway.


One benefit to social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is that they provide a way to share your app with a larger audience in an even more direct manner. You can include links in your posts that people can click right through to install your apps.


4.Use Influencers

You've created your video and you're on the hunt for your perfect influencer. Here are a few strategies to help get the influencers you want to collaborate with:


We understand that, for many businesses, it can be challenging to build a large following on social media. We won't give up though!


If you want to introduce your app to a new audience, another good strategy might be engage social media influencers for your campaign.


One way to improve app downloads is to partner with popular influencers. They're usually willing to share their opinion on your app as well as use it in social posts if you provide a sponsorship package.


One of the best ways to generate buzz for your company or product is by partnering with influencers. While big-name influencers can help you reach millions of people, you might find greater success when working with niche influencers who have a small but highly engaged audience.


5.Demo Video

One way to demonstrate your product in use without being present is to create a demo video.



Creating a demo video or promo for your app can help potential users visualize what it's like to use. This can be helpful, because oftentimes individuals might not understand the true value of your product if they don't interact with it first. Your video could highlight the best features, explain functionality that might be tricky for some people to grasp, and show how the app looks in action.


One great way to combat low downloads is to offer video instead of screenshot previews on how the app runs. This will increase the likelihood of high levels of interest on Google Play where videos are supported. Apple's App Store doesn't have this option, meaning it may be more difficult for you to stand out from the hundreds of thousands of apps here.


Demo of OneSky Translation Platform


6. App Rating and Reviews

There are a number of ways you can encourage potential customers to leave ratings and reviews, including using notification features on your site.


Whether potential users are stumbling upon your app or looking up your app in the app store, they'll be able to see your rating. The most discerning might even read customer reviews for more information about a product before downloading it.


When you optimize your app for specific stores, it can help increase the number of downloads you get. In addition, app stores typically promote apps that provide a good user experience.


There's one really great way to improve your ratings and reviews, and it doesn't involve any marketing at all. Simply ask your existing users for feedback. Many apps have a pop-up prompt that appears after the app has been used for some time or opened a set number of times.


It's a good idea to have excellent reviews on your page. Not only will more people leave feedback but both positive and negative opinions are important. Our social proof can be an integral part of your campaign, as it leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers.


7. Encourage your customer to refer others.


A referral is mightier than the pen! Referrals are one of the most powerful forms of marketing because people don't want to be sold to, they want genuine and trustworthy opinions from their friends. If your app has a social component, you'll see this even more pronounced.


Most people need a little extra incentive to take the time out of their day to review your product.


This is a great way to increase your downloads. Many apps have referral systems, where users are rewarded when their friends and family download the same app and create an account.


8. Pricing Strategy

The app store algorithm determines which apps are listed first and the order of those apps. The higher priced your app is, the more likely it is to be shown near the top of charts.


Aside from appearing in search or Editor’s Choice collections, the other way that users typically find new apps is through app charts. If you make it into the top ten, your app will get a lot of positive attention.


For paid and freemium apps, making it to the top can seem like an impossible goal. But it's not! There are clear steps to take that will help you get there


One strategy many app developers use involves promoting limited-time price drops to encourage a flurry of downloads in a very short time. The end result is the app rising higher up the charts, which exposes it to more people and allows it to generate more revenue.


Even if you're making just $0.99 on every sale for the entire week, you might end up with greater long-term gains because of your expanded brand awareness.


9. Free or Paid

Stop letting your free users hold you back. Consider free offers and a paywall so that people who want more will have to pay for it.


With so many free apps these days, it can be tough to convince users to part with their cash up front. Many top developers opt for a freemium pricing model, as it's proven to capture more revenue long-term.


The freemium model can be a powerful way to generate revenue with your new app. Certainly, it's a good idea to make the app free to download and try - that way more people will be willing to download it. But just as important, this model can also generate significant income.


A third option is paymium, in which users pay a small fee to try a "lite" version of your app. If they like it, they can upgrade via an in-app purchase or select the full version from the store.


10. Affiliate Marketing


Even if you do not have the resources to secure a free press opportunity, there's another way to get higher exposure.


Affiliate marketing is when you send your traffic to other sites, and they earn a small commission if their readers click on an affiliate link and end up downloading or purchasing your product.


This click-for-pay scheme usually doesn't earn a lot of money. But because blogs with thousands of readers can make a good amount from doing such schemes, your app page can get a lot of hits.


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