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ASO Tips For App Ratings And Reviews



ASO Tips For App Ratings And Reviews 

How to get started with app ratings and reviews.

Getting good or no ratings and reviews for your app can be a real problem. It's a cycle of doom. You need a good ranking to get users to notice and choose your app, but you won't get any ratings until you get the right number of installs first.

With over 3 million apps out there, app developers need to use every possible promotion method to stand out from the rest. Getting positive reviews and ratings will definitely help your app get noticed. Although there is no official publicly available information on ranking algorithms on Google Play or the Apple App Store, most research shows that ratings and reviews play a significant role in the app ranking process. They act as social proof to convince potential users that the app is worth downloading. While two-thirds of apps in the US App Store have no reviews, positive reviews are sure to increase your app's discoverability and downloads. According to an Apptentive study, 98% of the best free apps have at least a 4-star rating.

Bad reviews and ratings can be frustrating for people who put a lot of work into developing and publishing apps. This is one way to view key feedback. However, when you're doing your best to improve and extend your application, this perspective isn't particularly useful.



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Set up your app ratings and reviews policy.

You can ask users to rate and rate your app at appropriate times throughout the user experience. Make requests when users are most likely to be satisfied with your app, such as B. When they complete an action, level, or task. Make sure you don't interrupt their activities.

Customers leave ratings and reviews on the App Store to provide feedback on their experience with apps and to help others decide which apps to try. You can ask for ratings and respond to reviews to improve your app's discoverability, drive downloads, and build relationships with the people who use your app.


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