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Things you should do when doing app store optimization


ASO app store optimization

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your mobile app for maximum visibility, discoverability, and conversion on app stores. It can be a daunting task to get started with, but don’t worry - we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will discuss the essential components of successful App Store Optimization and how to do it effectively. We’ll also cover some tips and tricks to maximize your app store optimization efforts and ensure your app stands out from the competition. So let’s dive in!

ASO for App Store

When it comes to optimizing your app for the App Store, there are a few key things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, your app’s title is incredibly important – make sure it’s catchy, relevant, and keyword rich. Secondly, your app’s description is also crucial; once again, make sure it’s full of keywords and that it accurately describes what your app does. Finally, don’t forget about screenshots and icons! Make sure they’re eye-catching and informative, as they play a big role in whether or not someone downloads your app.



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The benefits of ASO

There are many benefits to ASO, including:

1. Increased visibility in the app store.

2. More downloads and installs.

3. Better app store ranking.

4. Greater brand awareness and recognition.

5. Improved click-through rates.

How to do ASO

ASO, or app store optimization, is the process of optimizing your app for the purpose of achieving a higher ranking in app store search results. While there is no guarantee that your app will achieve a higher ranking simply by implementing ASO best practices, doing so will certainly give you a better chance at success.

Some of the things you can do to optimize your app for the app store include:

1. Choosing an appropriate name and keywords for your app.

2. Creating attractive and compelling icons and screenshots.

3. Writing a clear and concise description of your app.

4. Providing updated and relevant information in your app’s "About" section.

5. Offering regular updates to improve your app’s functionality and keep users engaged.

If you follow these tips, you should see an improvement in your app’s ranking over time. Just remember that ASO is an ongoing process, so be prepared to continuously monitor and adjust your strategy as needed to ensure continued success.

Tips for ASO

1. Research your keywords

Before you can optimize your app for the App Store, you need to know which keywords you want to target. Start by brainstorming a list of potential keywords, and then use a tool like Google AdWords Keyword Planner or App Annie Intelligence to research how often those keywords are being searched for and how difficult they are to rank for.

2. Optimize your app title and keyword field

Your app’s title and keyword field are two of the most important places to include your target keywords. Make sure to use all 50 characters in your title, and include as many relevant keywords as possible in your keyword field.


App store optimization can be a great way to increase your app visibility and downloads. By following the tips outlined in this article, you should have all the information you need to get started with AOS. From researching relevant keywords, optimizing your app details and descriptions to engaging customers through reviews and user feedback - these are all essential components of an effective App Store Optimization strategy. Keep experimenting with different tactics and don’t forget to track results so that you know what works best for your app!


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