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How to make my application be found by keyword search?


You might consider certain subtleties with the keywords determination after you buy app downloads. This is what can occur and what you really want to do if that they appear; Not Found status, this status occurs if an application can't be found by our clients among TOP-250 apps for the ideal keyword.

Try to pick another, more point by point keyword by which your application is among TOP-250 on a specific market. 


if you see that your application is <not found> by a definite keyword but some installs were at that point conveyed, it means that a few clients found it however the majority of them didn't. It might occur because of changes on the market, like the appearance of new competitors. You might attempt this keyword some time once more, but first, utilize more open keywords to advance.  

Out of rank status


It implies that clients can't find your application with the keyword you've chosen.

You can pick incredible keywords to follow your positions yet remember that you can promote your application with long-tail keywords first. When your application can be found by the clients by keywords or long-tail keywords you can begin to pick short-tail one and become higher in rank. 


If your application is fresh it is smarter to promote it by means of package ID to make it visible and available. Since your application unreservedly shows up in searches you can begin to promote it with the keywords and get target natural clients. 

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